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Welcome to the Goosebumps Adventure WikiEdit

Goosebumps Adventure is a Goosebumps fanfiction made by Stone-Man85. : Stone-Man85 don't own the Goosebumps series; they are the sole property of their writer/creator, R.L. Stine. Original characters are of Stone-Man85 own design. Also for this story, Stone-Man85 used a lot of horror movie references. They are all property of their respectful writers, creators, and directors.

What's This About?Edit

There are things that go Bump in the Night... and a small team are the ones that decide to bump back.  See stories...


Goosebumps Adventure and AKH: Curse of the Mummy

Full Moon High Side Story

Goosebumps Adventure:  Stone and Darkness (coming soon)

The Goosebumps Chronicles (needs help editing)

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