The Nightbumpers are the group of teens and monsters dedicated to find, beat, and imprison back into the Book of Goosebumps.


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Main TeamEdit

Courtney Keller - Wiccan, Team Leader

Justin Seyvont - Kinsmir Bearer, Gadget engineer

Elsa Guynoid - Gestalt, Cyborg powerhouse

Oogie - Boggart (boogie monster), Mascot

Alex Foxx - Human, photographer and getaway driver

Lilith Morrigan - Succubus, Winggirl

Leon Blake - Werewolf, tracker

Zazie Halieday - Snow Girl, Stealth

Victor Cystone - Zombie, Berserker

Gill Lynx - Gill-Man, Frogman

Other TeamsEdit

Eastern TeamEdit